Hard work is as important as good rest, and today is the day to treat yourself! So take some time to slow down this Saturday and do something you love!⁠

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! ⁠

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Are you excited for the weekend? We know you are! It’s Friday and it’s time to play! Have fun, Assumptionistas!⁠

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Go outside. Take a moment to appreciate the beauty of our campus - the trees, the flowers and the sky. In these trying times for our earth, we hope all of you do your own little part to protect our ...
The Arts and Academic Fair is here! 🧺On February 14, we will be holding fun and educational activities for the girls. This event will help the students develop a love for learning through the speech fest, learning centers, and rest ...
We had a blast last Jan. 31 - Feb. 1 at the Assumption Antipolo School Fair! Exciting rides, great shows, and a great time with friends is a weekend well spent. 🎡🍟🤣 See you again next year! ✈️ #assumptionantipolo #keepingitreal #aaventure
Thanks for venturing with us!🌌⁠
See you again at our school fair next year! 💖⁠

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Assumption Antipolo welcomes you to VENTURE! Explore the marvels of the world with us, and discover how every kind act can touch lives far beyond our own! 🌏✈️ Happening all day today and tomorrow, so drop by! 💞
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1 DAY TO GO until VENTURE, our School Fair for 2020! ✨✨✨ January 31 - February 1. See you there! 👯‍♀️ #assumptionantipolo #schoolfair #aa #keepingitreal
And it’s done!
We are so grateful for your participation! Thank you for making our first Open House for the school year a huge success!
We do hope you can join the Assumption Antipolo family next school year. See you ...
We are officially welcoming you to the Assumption Antipolo Preschool Open House!
We do hope you enjoy the company of our super cute little girls and get to experience firsthand what it is like to study in a wide campus ...

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